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Lawnmap showcases a series of paintings of the beautiful natural landscapes of Pak Sha O as depicted by 2 painters, Brian TILBROOK from England and Michael CASHMORE from New Zealand. Michael started to paint as a remedy after he witnessed the tragic death of his best friend. He is connected to an indigenous family by marriage. He had drawn a painting of Pak Sha O when he travelled to the village. Brian, a Hong Kong resident since 1965, spent more than 40 years featuring a gamut of local heritage sites. He captured the atmosphere of the scene of Pak Sha O in the 80s’.

Michael Cashmore ﹣

Michael Cashmore, born and live in New Zealand, he first visited Pak Sha O in 1992; his wife is a Pak Sha O indigenous villager, and the strong emotional attachment to the homeland made her often miss home. One time while she was away to Hong Kong he decided to paint a painting of the village for her as a surprise. He painted from the feelings he had in his previous visits and from photographs. His wife wanted to give the painting to her grandma as a remembrance; they framed the painting and gave her the painting. She loved it, because by that time she has already moved to the city for about 10 years. Other aunties saw the painting and wanted one as well, so Michael bought some paint and painted three other copies as gifts. However, the paint was not what Michael had used back home and he needed to finish them within a short timeframe, therefore he felt the three later versions were not as good as the original painting.

Brian Tilbrook ﹣

Painted by artist Brian Tilbrook, the original piece was part of a series of heritage paintings commissioned by the Hong Kong Government in 1988. A book Hong Kong Heritage was published, containing fifty paintings by Tilbrook of the selected heritage sites including Pak Sha O. Around six years ago, Meredith Cox, former Pak Sha O resident, gave a copy of the painting to Tim Kay, another Pak Sha O resident, as a present. She later made 10 or more copies in a smaller scale and gave them to all the villagers living in the village as present, many villagers still have the picture hung up on their wall to this day. The original painting is now being kept in St. John’s Cathedral in Central.

Robby Ho / Geoff Carey -

Kept by indigenous villager Robby Ho in his house, the house is currently rented to tenant Geoff Carey. Robby studied in the school for two years before moving out to study in the city. Although part of the photograph have been damaged and faces of students unrecognisable, Robby stated he should be somewhere in the photograph.

Michael Cashmore ﹣ Pak Sha O,acrylic

Brian Tilbrook ﹣ Pak Sha O (replica), Oil Painting

Robby Ho / Geoff Carey - “Photographic commemoration of opening turnkey ceremony of Ming San School of Sai Kung hosted by Tai Po District Officer John Walden” 27th February 1958

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